Snow Flurries at the Aga Khan Park in Toronto

I was heading for my volunteer duty at the Aga Khan Museum and noticed fresh snow flurries beautifully covering the park/complex and grabbed the moment to stand a few minutes with my Samsung phone in the cold breezy mid-March of 2017 to capture and share with all the followers,  well-wishers & loyal clients of #SalimNensiPhotos

When it Rains, make sure you have your own Umbrella!

When it rains, do you notice how each of us carry our own (in various styles & types of) umbrellas and help ourselves shelter from the pouring rain – so should we be able to accept our uniqueness and pluralistic identities. Just imagine if we had only one kind of umbrella around, wouldn’t it be…

#Toronto’s #Skyline during and after #Sunset

On July 25th,  as the day at work was coming to an end,  I looked up at the sky which was  crisp & clear. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to click some skyline @photos by #Toronto’s #Waterfront. I took my gears and set off to the docks,  just in time for the…

Pizza Night @ the Evergreen Park

It was pouring heavy when I was driving southbound on Bayview Ave on Wednesday at 7pm and I stopped at Evergreeb Brickworks to check out/pause to avoid the huge rain. I dropped my bike that needs wheel allignmemt due to some spokes that are loose/tight and explored the space. The evening is filled with activities…

Christmas Eve Sunset in Toronto

This would be my first Christmas Eve (let alone the¬†first winter) in Toronto that we experience a green winter (no snow yet covering and the weather is it’s double digits of 10+ celcius) Here are the Sunset photos clicked from my balcony this evening.